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Ashkan Chitgar Equestrian Equipment Production and Import Group started its activity in 1375 in Tehran. Respect for the customer and the activity of efficient forces and detailed planning for the production and import of equestrian equipment with the support of the equestrian community made it quickly known as the most reliable and valuable group active in this field. During the years of presence with accountability and responsibility, as well as the production and import of quality products (including horse and rider supplies and equipment, club and stable supplies, and medicinal and food supplements), this collection has been introduced as the main market share holder. .
At present, Ashkan Chitgar Group, having more than 45 exclusive representatives of the top brands in Europe and America and having the most efficient and specialized forces, as well as high-quality domestic products in addition to imported products, is one of the largest horse riding equipment providers in Asia. .

25 years of brilliant work history of Ashkan Chitgar store has made the name of Ashkan Chitgar become a brand in the riding community of the country and become synonymous with riding accessories. There are many reasons for achieving this success, but the most important ones can be summarized as follows.

High and continuous work experience

High quality work

Satisfying dear customers

The up-to-dateness of the store’s products according to the world’s journals

The existence of multiple agencies

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More than 45 exclusive representatives of the top European and American brands
More than 25 years of brilliant experience
Complete customer satisfaction

Our team members

Real Pajman

The manager of the collection and the owner of this product

Omid gavili

Designer and programmer

Sarah Baursad

Online sales department

Hossein Qardash

Face-to-face sales department

Shima Sadri

Management of social networks

Kiani honey

Support team leader

Sanaz Bavorsad

Financial sector

Solmaz Ansari

Warehouse management

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